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Europe’s N° 1 Self-Mastery and Leadership Mentor, International Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Speaker, Featured on:  CW, CBS, NBC, FOX, and others…

For over two decades Mahima has worked with thousands of people around the globe to develop The Mahima Mindset. It is created to clarify purpose and vision. Mahima believes that discovering your genius is a game changer that will allow you to set the right priorities, learn to say no, effectively manage your workload by overcoming exhaustion, distraction and lack of confidence.

Mahima is a Zimbabwean born native now living in Switzerland. She has dedicated her entire adult life to learning and sharing everything she has mastered in the art of joyful living in the now.

Mahima, Founder of the Mahima Mindset and Love Silence. Creator of world leading Accelerated Personal Growth Academies. A unique coach that has served thousands of professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders world wide to make the impact they want to have in the world, multiply their energy and create a life that they love to live.

Mahima’s mindset trainings and workshops take people who are stressed out, depleted mentally, physically and emotionally, and gets them back to energised, focused, calm, balanced, and happy.

Through a combination of proprietary tools and techniques Mahima provides a unique approach to discover your genius and true calling in life.  You will work with productivity and passion, as well as gain insights to your bigger mission and life purpose.


Mahima is featured on leading apps like Omvana, Mindbliss, and Insight. She leads retreats that leave people feeling realigned with their values, empowered, positive, focused, energised, calm and fired up for success in all areas of their lives.

Mahima has shared the stage with top speakers like Kane & Alessia Minkus (Internationally rated Business Mentor),Vishen Lakhiani (Founder of Mindvalley, the worlds largest Personal Growth Platform) and Richard Branson (Entrepreneur, and Founder of the Virgin Group).  Mahima has lead a workshop at AFest alongside personal growth masters like  Lisa Nichols (one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers) Marisa Peer (Best Selling Author, Speaker and Pioneering Hypnotherapist).

Mahima’s overall mission is to empower as many people as possible to fulfil their higher purpose by breaking free of self-imposed limitations. Her experience of people, relying on contacts with thousands of individuals over the past two decades is that everyone has inner powers that are too often left dormant.

Mahima works closely with her clients to ensure targeted programs and events that focus on creating transformational shifts while having fun.

Mahima is always thankful for your interest and looks forward to working with you to create the results you seek!

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“What’s happened during these 3 months has been amazing. I got deeper and deeper to understand myself and felt closer to other people. I translated everything I learned from Mahima into my business.  It was unbelievable and January 2017 was the best business month in my life.”

Flavio Cappilli, Finance Industry, Switzerland

Meet The Team ​​​

Kai, Co-Founder and CEO

Kai is a highly successful self-made entrepreneur. Having owned and been the CEO of four thriving businesses before joining Love Silence and subsequently the Mahima Mindset. He believes that happiness is the measurement and foundation of any real success.”Peace of mind empowers us like nothing else can, because it allows us to return to the source of all creation and creativity. Our goal is to help more people rediscover or maintain peace within themselves so they can fully embrace their right to joyful living, now.”

Discover self-mastery to accelerate your personal and professional growth!

The Awaken Your Work Warrior program is a two-day retreat.

The Awaken Your Money Master program is an online course.

The Own Your Superstar program is 12 months on an offline journey.

The Online Private Sessions is a one on one mentorship journey with Mahima.

Our Special Vacation Retreats offer an escape the daily routine

Corporate Leadership & Performance Trainings

“There was a point in my life where I was confused and didn’t know want I wanted to do next. This was an eye opening course for me. I felt the difference and was guided in a direction to take a very difficult decision which changed my life to a very big and positive extent.”

Ksenia Mazurova,  Zürich, Switzerland

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