We organise corporate mindset days and training programs during which we share our knowledge of transformational meditation to boost employee productivity, resilience and team building. The proven benefits associated with the trainings we provide aim to allow employees to innovate and perform at the highest level possible within a highly competitive environment.

The challenge of the workplace nowadays whether they be intellectual, emotional or physical are deeply impacting workers, often negatively. Ensuring that each and every employee is better equipped to win and durably perform is a must for forward-thinking companies today.

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“I’d become anxious, stressed and depressed. It was really difficult to keep going and feel like I had life purpose. To feel like I was adding value to society and my community. I realised that I had to love myself first and made some small steps that changed everything.  I haven’t changed my external environment yet everything is better. I’m happier, calm, stress less and even my family are happier now.” Josh Cyphers, Corporate Finance, Portland, Oregon, United States

“Before I met Mahima, I was lost. I had no self confidence, no self love. I learned how to see my life and see people. Within one week of taking the course I found my first client which already paid me back the cost of enrolling.  My life has changed so much  because I took this opportunity.” Marie-Rose Ramboz, Self Employed, Basel, Switzerland

Discover self-mastery to accelerate your personal and professional growth!

The Awaken Your Work Warrior program is a two-day retreat.

The Awaken Your Money Master program is an online course.

The Own Your Superstar program is 12 months on an offline journey.

The Online Private Sessions is a one on one mentorship journey with Mahima.

Our Special Vacation Retreats offer an escape the daily routine

Corporate Leadership & Performance Trainings

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