3-Day Event General Admission

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The 3-Day Event General Admission Ticket gives you access to the “Own Your Superstar” 3-Day Transformational Experience, live with Mahima.

Join in a mind and soul-expanding journey, that will blow your mind, open new ideas and possibilities, and helps you achieve to become the very best version of yourself, daily!

Product Description

Join us at the Next 3-Day Event!

Become a part of an international community, celebrating transformational personal growth and profound realizations about life and oneself.

3 Day Event Zürich 2018

At these Three powerful days, you will learn:

The secret list of the 8 deadliest habits 
…which are holding you back, and how you can recode these habits to feel more energized and more positive
 5 key reasons why you are feeling “stuck” or “lost” in life,
…and the fastest ways to find purpose and meaning in your life
 The “Activated Inner Peace” system
…which will massively empower you with self-confidence, self-love and greater clarity to achieve what you want in life
 How to create a bigger impact in the world
…while earning more money and respect doing the things that you love
 Communication hacks and powerful skills
…to create happier relationships in your work-life and personal life


Meet Mahima, Europe’s #1 Self-Mastery Mentor, International Bestselling Author And Award-Winning Trainer
Mahima is Europe’s #1 Self-Mastery Mentor, an International Best-selling Author and an Award-Winning Trainer.
She has transformed the lives of thousands of people through her “inner peace formula” and “inner peace meditation practice”.

Additional Information

General Admission Ticket

Grants you access to all three days of this event.
You will receive your workbook too.


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