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Mahima’s Own Your Superstar – Live Your Higher Purpose

Do You Want To Be…

Truly Successful In Your Career?

A high-performer and develop outstanding leadership skills?

Simply enjoying being you?

Did you know that

Whether you feel uninspired, tired or stuck in business…

Or you’re lacking confidence to take risks…

Or you feel you’re not performing at your top capacity…

It’s NOT about your skills, it’s all about your mindset!

What’s more…

You can learn these skills within weeks, maybe even days.

The questions you should ask yourself are…

WHY are you setting yourself up to fail?

WHY are you letting stress, anxiety and self-doubt get the better of you?

WHY are you setting yourself up to be defeated?

The Mahima Mindset is about unleashing the fearless, unstoppable you and become the person you always knew you were destined to be.

This is why people come to us.

Mahima engages audiences through connecting with their inner place. She throws the spotlight on our human potential and can generate interest, transformation and fascination while keeping the audience totally engaged. “

Andy Habermacher Brain Leader, Public Speaker, Master Coach and author of several books including “The Fox Factor”

Our systems accelerate personal growth providing scientifically proven soft skills that help prevent burnout, breakdowns, depression and other disabling emotional and mental states.

Download Your Free Copy of
Mahima’s Own Your Superstar – Live Your Higher Purpose

We offer an exciting selection of high quality events, from effective and innovative beginner courses, workshops, business seminars to exclusive retreats.

Mahima is the creator of “The Inner Peace Formula” with over 23 years experience in meditation practice and mindset training.

Our techniques result from 20+ years of intensive research in personal development which provide you with essential life tools that rapidly yield results.

Over two decades we have worked with thousands of people.

People come to us because they feel its time to reclaim their inner-strength, power and emotional stability.

They also often come to us because they are trapped in bad relationships, hate their job, want to change, but don’t know how, or even sometimes lack the courage to do so.

We encounter people who struggle to be heard and respected at work or simply people who have lost their self-confidence.

The Mahima Mindset is a powerful mind detox, which strengthens people to stay durably positive and focused even when life is challenging.


Typically our clients achieve higher levels of energy and focus, which often results in greater success. Transform their bodies through weight loss, and helps improve their health.

What Mahima’s Students Say “There are very few really great mentors out there. For me, Mahima is one of them. I was extremely impressed by her. What’s most transformative is her own presence. She’s been fortunate to spend many years with some of the greatest thinkers in the world. Yet she has let go of her attachment or dependence on them. She shines her own light. This gives us all permission and courage to shine our own lights too. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in personal development, I highly recommend you spend time with Mahima. You’re in for a real treat.”

Shamash Alidina , Author “The Mindful Way Through Stress” and CEO , Learn Mindfulness London

Download Your Free Copy of
Mahima’s Own Your Superstar – Live Your Higher Purpose

Recode Negative Habits!

Our workshops, trainings and events  are designed to help you find new and innovative ways to destress and help you improve personal performance as well as achieve life satisfaction.

The Mahima Mindset helps clarify purpose and vision. Discovering your genius is a game changer that will allow you to set priorities, learn to say no, effectively manage your workload by overcoming exhaustion, distraction and lack of confidence.

The Mahima Mindset systems open the way to increased self-respect and a deeper trust of your natural intuition.

“In the first session, i realised I was completely self sabotaging.  After the second I’d had a complete transformation. This meant 2 days later I showed up powerfully when I ran a workshop for a new client. Now that company informed me they want to roll out the program across Europe, North America and Asia which is worth around CHF 80’000 to my business.”

Martin Daubney, Founder of The Centre of NLP, Basel, Switzerland

Frances Turley, Manager, The Rotary Foundation for Europe and Africa.


Boost your ability to truly live a life filled with inner peace, love, integrity and joy by mastering three simple steps that great teachers, masters and gurus have been using for centuries to empower themselves. This book contains three precious “pearls of wisdom” from an illuminated African woman who lived a simple life until she dared to dive into the mouth of a “freedom lion” seeking spiritual enlightenment. She lived to tell her amazing story! She will have you laughing, cringing, crying and dancing along with her in her quest to evolve her spirit from ordinary to extraordinary. You will find yourself kidnapped on a thrilling journey of self-exploration and profound spiritual transformation.

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