Are you stuck and feeling like you don”t have the success you deserve?Do you get angry with the world because of this frustration?Do you feel powerless to change the things in your life you know need changing?

Not knowing what is your genius and true calling leads to frustration with the world.When you’re in this place your relationships begin to suffer, so does your work and it can seem like you’re trapped in a situation with no way out, loosing energy and enthusiasm everyday.

The “Own Your Superstar” mentorship pro-gram was designed specifically to help you solve the important question who am I?It will connect you to your inner power, build your confidence to be who you truly are and create massive success in every area of your life.

12 month Mentorship Program

Recode your DNA. Reinvent yourself.

This is a course in Human Intelligence, Inner Power and Reprogramming YOUR Mind for success and happiness.

Martin Daubney



You will start your journey to the next level of your evolution and learn the tools to become un-stoppable in following your mission.Experience the joy of knowing who you are and how you can positively impact the world around you. Imagine waking up knowing your mission in life with the knowledge you can achieve your goals.There is a common misconception that deep transformation and creating a life full of purpose, abundance and excitement takes a long time.The reality is that the “Own Your Superstar Mentorship Program” you will get massively accel-erated results in transforming your negative mental and emotional states of mind.

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The Benefits

Are you stuck in negative beliefs, depressed emotional states, a job you hate and en-ergy draining relationships? Do you get annoyed with people in your life because you feel almost burnt-out?

Negative mindset and emotional states are the #1 cause of stagnation in your career and failed relationships.

Mahima’s “Own Your Superstar” Program will give you instant access to the insights, tools and strategies to transform your mindset and give you greater control over your emotional states. Life will get easier as you get a better understand the things that hold you back.

Your transformation will translate into better relationships and a positive change in your everyday lifeYou’ll Become crystal clear on your mission and purpose in lifeConquer your fears of being your authentic self in relationships

Tap into your unique genius, talents and gifts to discover a world where work is something you love!Fall deeply in love with yourself and enhance all you relationships

Get your health back into shape through mind body connection and getting motivated to eat healthierLearn systems and tools that you can use to stay grounded and balanced for the rest of your life

The Details

Are you frustrated with feeling limited in your choices?Do you feel helpless to change your situation?What if there were no limits to what you could do?The Own Your Superstar Mentorship is a 12 month program designed from the ground up to rediscover your genius, conquer your fears and create life transforming change.

What do you get

3 month kickstart journey to discover your genius, mission and remove limiting beliefs.Accountability calls to get you focused on the single most important thing for you at that moment so you know exactly what you need to do and what the next inspired step is.Support from a group of amazing heart centred change makers.Private 1:1 coaching from Mahima to work on your most challenging topics.The Own Your Superstar mentorship program is full of proven tools, techniques and strategies that create fast, permanent change.

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But don’t listen to us… listen to them!

“I was in a really dark place and unhappy with job when I started and couldn’t get my head around the idea that I could get out of this place. I’m much happier now, I enjoy life and know what exactly I want to do with my life. I’m really excited to get started.”Belinda Staub, Brand Manager, Zurich Switzerland

Flavio Cappilli

“I was very directionless. Going through a lot of challenges, Unemployment, end of a divorce, problems in a new relationship. I was lacking some enthusiasm for life. After just 3 months, now I wake up in the morning and have a clear direction in life. I know what I want and how to get there. I have more energy to get me through this challenging period”


Michael Simmonds, Strategic Marketing Manager, Zurich Switzerland

12 Month Group Mentorship Program with Mahima

The Package

Super Natural Human Kickstart (3 month journey)4 Group Breakthrough Sessions live in Zurich12 Online group Manifesting Miracles Calls12 Month Access to private online forum1 Private 1:1 30 minute Jump Start call11 Private 1:1 90 minute Breakthrough Sessions12 Months access to Mahima’s Private email

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“I have seen some other mentors and I can tell you with Mahima it”s been really outstanding, it”s world class, it’s amazing.  She helps you to realise a project or dream that you have.  And you can’t measure this with money. If you want to have your dream realised just go for it.”


Roger Weilemann; Entrepreneur, Basel, Switzerland


Discover self-mastery to accelerate your personal and professional growth!

The Awaken Your Work Warrior program is a two-day retreat.

The Awaken Your Money Master program is an online course.

The Own Your Superstar program is 12 months on an offline journey.

The Online Private Sessions is a one on one mentorship journey with Mahima.

Our Special Vacation Retreats offer an escape the daily routine

Corporate Leadership & Performance Trainings

Ready to Live Life? Speak to us about name of course now.

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